Understanding about permanent residency Canada

As Permanent Residency canada, you will be required to carry and present your valid permanent resident card or the travel documents for the permanent resident when you are boarding your flight to Canada or traveling to Canada on whatever commercial carrier you board. In case you don’t have your permanent resident card or permanent resident documents you might be denied to board your train, flight, boat, or bus to Canada.

It is up to you to ensure that your permanent resident card is valid when traveling outside Canada, and when it expires, you ensure you apply for a new one. When your permanent resident card expires, it doesn’t mean that you lose your residency.

Who is a Permanent Resident in Canada?
It refers to someone who has been offered a permanent resident status to immigrate to Canada but not yet a Canadian citizen. As a permanent resident, you are still a citizen of another country. If you are in Canada temporarily as a student or as a foreign worker, then that is not having a permanent Residency Canada.
If you are a refugee who has been resettled overseas, then you might become a permanent resident through the private sponsorship that is given to refugees or a program by the government that assists refugees.
When you make a refugee claim while in Canada, it doesn’t make you become a permanent resident automatically. For you to become one, you will have to be approved by the immigration and refugee board. After approval of the claim, you will then apply and get permanent resident status.
With the permanent resident, you can then apply for citizenship if you meet the criteria of how a permanent resident becomes a citizen. You must have stayed in Canada for at least 1095 days without a break in the last five years for you to qualify.

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