Causes Of Acne And Skin Whiteners To Control It

The most prevalent misconception about acne is that it is caused by dirt and dust. Some experts postulate that acne is a manifestation of internal problems and not external effects. The acne is caused when the hair follicles present in our skin, which secrete a liquid called sebum, get blocked. Under normal conditions, sebum helps prevent the skin from drying and stops other skin infections from spreading. But if due to some reason, sebum is not allowed to drain out of the body, it builds and becomes a culture medium for bacterial growth, and this gives rise to acne. The age group that is worst hit by acne problem is the teenagers because major hormonal changes occur during puberty, but sometimes, they occur at a later age also. Acne mostly appears on skin, neck, back and chest.

Keeping hydration in mind to control acne
The hydrating face mask is necessary for the skin, which is excessively exposed to harsh environmental situations. Hydration of skin plays an important role in controlling acne as what we drink as water or any other liquid doesn’t reach our skin’s first layer. That is why someone should use a hydrating face mask for hydrating and rejuvenating skin, and it would be best if you prepare skin whiteners facial toner at home. Facial mask ingredient depends on the skin type, and the clay-based mask is good for the oily and dry type of skin. Banana, egg yolk, honey, cucumber and natural oils are some of the natural and effective ingredients.
One most important thing to remember is that if acne arises, one should consult a trained dermatologist before using anything to treat it. The best skin whiteners remedy to kill acne is herbal methods. Chemical treatments, at all times, must be avoided since they have many side effects, and every skin type is different.

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